Since its inception in 1983, Stûv has been dedicated to developing a contemporary approach to the fireplace. Stûv has always focused on the functional aspects of its fireplaces and has made many innovations that have set standards in the stove and fireplace industry.

Stûv fireplaces are the perfect choice for those looking for efficient heating and a minimalist design. There are both gas and wood fireplace options available, each with their own unique features. Here are some features you can look forward to when you purchase a Stûv fireplace:

  • Double Burners – Double-burner fires are available with Stûv gas fireplaces and create the optimal fire experience since the flames are distributed across the full depth of the unit.
  • Choose Your Style – Choose from realistic logs, white stones, or grey stones to place inside your Stûv gas fireplace.
  • Retractable Glass Door – With the Stûv 21 wood stove, you have the option so slide the protective glass door upwards and behind the wall, turning your fireplace into an open fire.
  • Easy Cleaning – The Stûv 21 mecanical components are located in the door, which tilts for easy cleaning.
  • Innovative Combustion System – using an innovative and air tight combustion system, the Stûv 16-Z provides exceptional efficiency and the perfect solution for your heating needs.

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